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KYPAY, the first tokenized payment instrument

KYPAY API - Web Services documentation

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This documentation provides a detailed guide to the integration and use of the KYPAY API by merchants. KYPAY offers an innovative payment solution via two main channels: a private ledger and a public ledger based on the Polygon blockchain.

What is KYPAY?

KYPAY is a payment instrument issued by OlkyPay to facilitate remote payments.

Olky's partners can offer their customers (natural and/or legal persons) the KYPAY payment instrument as part of an indication contract.

Before opening a KYPAY account, the partner must create and validate the identity of its customer, using the OlkyPass services which are described in the dedicated section of this documentation.

The merchant must also ensure that the KYPAY's T&C has been accepted by the customer. The mandate included in the KYPAY's T&C allows the Merchant to execute transactions on behalf of the customer.

KYPAY Services

Use through the KYPAY Private ledger

API Reference

The KYPAY private ledger enables merchants to offer their customers a range of secure and convenient payment services.

List of available operations :

Use through the KYPAY public ledger (Polygon blockchain)

API Reference

In its tokenized version, the KYPAY payment instrument uses the KYPAY EURO « KYPAY » token issued on the Polygon public blockchain to facilitate, accelerate and secure euro payments.

List of available services :

The KYPAY payment instrument supports three operating modes: private, public and hybrid private/public ledger. In the latter case, conversion between private and public is performed using the following services: